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xPlanet 101 How Defi Meets NFT
The world of DeFi and the world of NFTs have started to collaborate in interesting ways. Below are some descriptions and examples of the ways that NFTs and DeFi are working together.
New Market Opening Soon
xPlanet’s NFT marketplace will meet the needs of those who wish to obtain a specific NFT directly, as well as the needs of those who wish to sell NFTs. It will focus on providing services and tools for DeFi NFTs.
Must Read
xPlanet Releases the Lightpaper
The term asset is not merely a concept of “amount + type + ownership;” it’s also a vehicle for many other pieces of information. These include maturity date, interest rate, leverage ratio, risk rating, etc. Fungible tokens such as ERC20 and BEP20 tokens are incapable of containing detailed information about the aforementioned specifications. Meanwhile, NFTs are capable of being the means to these complex financial products. NFT assets can easily participate in activities involving collateral, lending, combinations and trading.
How to become the COOLEST minter in this DeFi summer?
xPlanet supports DeFi protocol native NFTs while providing professional minting tools for self-generation of DeFi NFTs. xPlanet will collaborate with several public chain ecosystems to build a multi-chain NFT Mint Center, allowing users to combine various on-chain assets ( such as ERC20 tokens) with an image, text and a smart contract.
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